Machine Specifications

Cut Back Gen 8Swashdrive machine construction:
Polyamide Resin Frame (weight 3.6oz).

Available with either Binding posts or RCA plug.

Swashplate Mechanism:

The swashplate mechanism that drives the needle action is a very efficient means of converting the rotational motion of the electric motor to the reciprocating motion of the needle, and in this machine has an approx mechanical advantage of 15:1.

The motion the swashplate delivers to the needles is that of a constant velocity wave motion (constant needle velocity). This produces a consistent feel, creating less trauma to the skin while very effectively applying the ink into the skin with a very smooth running action.

This Swashdrive mechanism is not a crank nor a cam (2D); the swashplate makes use of a 3D axis which creates a natural fluid cyclic reciprocating action.

Power Supplies:
The Gen 8 Swashdrive will run on almost any power supply, but we strongly recommend the use of our high quality Spinner Power Supply for the clean DC.
Cheap single knob supplies with heaps of ripple & noise will reduce motor life somewhat.
Tested & Endorsed power supplies for this machine:
– Genuine GW Instek lab
– Isotech lab (Model IPS303DD, RS Components part # 3256004) – Spinner Tattoo Power Supply (click here)


The Swashdrive Tattoo machine has a Six month warranty from date of purchase. To which Swashdrive Developments will repair any manufacturing fault of the machine free of charge. However disassembly of electric motor from the main machine frame, or excess voltage from single knob power supplies wrecking electric motor will invalidate warranty. Proof of date of purchase must be provided for a warranty claim.
Swashdrive Developments warranties the manufacturing quality of the Swashdrive Tattoo machine. But under no circumstances is Swashdrive Developments in any way liable for any injury, infection or quality of any tattoo or of any person that Swashdrive Tattoo machine is used on. That is the sole responsibility & liability of the Artist / Owner of this Swashdrive Tattoo machine. Machine Manuals:
To be Updated

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